Specialist Bed Bug Exterminator, Phoenix AZ

Do you need bed bug treatment?

EcoForce BedBug Services provides professional bed bug control for homes and businesses in Phoenix and surrounding areas.

"The team at EcoForce (Brad and Ryan) were extremely professional and understanding. From the initial call with Brad, to Ryan being at my house within 2 hours for an inspection and treatment, it was an easy process. I was scheduled the next morning for the heat treatment. Brad and his team went above and beyond to make the whole process easy. I loved that fact that they took time to get to know my dogs and cats as they would be spending time outdoors while the house was treated and they let them in for me as I was at work. I could not be more impressed with their attention to detail and professional services. Thank you for giving me back peace of mind."

Heidi M.
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Your Phoenix bed bug removal team

If you're searching for a company that provides safe bed bug treatment without exposing your family and guests to dangerous chemicals, EcoForce BedBug Services can help.

We utilize the industry's most advanced bed bug heat treatment, equipment, and extermination strategies. We have completed thousands of bed bug treatments in Phoenix and know what it takes to remove bed bug infestations from your property successfully. Specializing in bed bugs allows us to meet your needs and any level of bed bug infestation. For effective bed bug control, look no further than EcoForce BedBug Services.

A close-up photograph of a bed bug

We guarantee complete bed bug removal

We have never left a customer with bed bugs, and we guarantee to do the same for you. If you ever discover bed bugs after one of our heat treatments, we will send a technician to your home and resolve the issue at no additional cost.

We treat your bed bug problem with discretion

We appreciate it can feel embarrassing if you find bed bugs in your home. We assure you that anyone can get a bed bug infestation. Our bed bug control team will not advertise that we are bed bug removal or pest control on our trucks so that you can be assured we will handle your bed bug problem with complete discretion.

We are bed bug specialists

We specialize in effective bed bug control, which means we understand how to thoroughly remove bed bug infestations from your home or commercial property using various techniques and treatments.

Our Bed Bugs Treatment

With our modern equipment and best practices, we offer complete bed bug elimination — in a single heat treatment!

Why are heat treatments recommended?

Our heat treatments do not only target isolated areas like chemical and steam treatments; our treatments extend to all furniture, carpets, walls, ceilings and other voids where bed bugs live.

This process, combined with a personalized treatment strategy for your home, removes 100% of your bedbugs. Our bed bug heat treatment means you get a safe, discreet, and effective treatment without throwing away your furniture, clothes, or personal belongings.

Pests, especially bed bugs, are becoming more resistant to EPA-approved pesticides. Recent research has shown that only 6% of bed bug chemical treatments are effective in a single application. However, heat is a natural, scientifically proven solution that completely gets rid of bed bugs and their eggs in one go. Temperatures from 122˚F to 143˚F for one hour will thoroughly eradicate your bed bug infestation. We provide a non-toxic, thermal bed bug control that raises the temperature of an infected area to proper levels and then monitors those temperatures to ensure proper temperature and saturation levels.

Exterminating your bed bugs is our specialty — and we'll help you win the ever-evolving bed bug battle!

A bed bug on a mattress

"They were very thorough with the inspection and even showed me everything they looked at along the way. The day of treatment the gentleman was polite and did a good job. I could tell he moved furniture to get all surfaces covered. Very pleased with the service I got! I will renew the warranty they offered (which is awesome)."

Mili P.
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Our Bed Bug Removal Services

Full Bed Bug Heat Treatments

We provide 100% bed bug elimination in one treatment. The most effective whole-home bed bug extermination method is available.

Residential Bed Bug Treatment

Join our thousands of happy customers in Phoenix. We guarantee complete bed bug removal for your home.

Commercial Bed Bug Treatment

Your reputation is important to us. We offer fast service (same-day available), competitive pricing, and guaranteed success.

Free Bed Bug Inspections and Detection

Unsure if you have bed bugs? Please get in touch with our team of experts today for an analysis and solution.

Chemical Applications

Our licensed technicians are trained to apply state-approved materials for eliminating bed bugs.

Customizable Warranty

We have extended warranty options for added protection and peace of mind.

Bed Bug Identification

To identify what type of bug you're dealing with, use our bed bug identification — and click on a bug to learn how to get rid of them. If you have bed bugs, please reach out to us today!

"Ryan was amazing , responded to our call immediately , was at the house within hours and accessed the situation very thoroughly, within an hour began the heat treatment, no chemicals, and resolved our situation. I would recommend Ryan and EcoForce for anyone anytime, excellent service. Thank you"

Judi Y.
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Are you searching for a bed bug exterminator, Phoenix?

EcoForce BedBug Services provides thorough, reliable bed bug treatments to remove bed bugs from your property.