Bed Bug Extermination Specialists In Nashville, TN

Bed bugs?
We can help.

EcoForce BedBug Services has a team of specialists ready to exterminate bed bugs in your home or commercial property safely and effectively.

"Brad has made a very difficult and trying time in our life simple and worry free. He took care of us. We are so grateful for his services and his easy going approach that made us feel respected and assured that everything was going to be okay. Thank you Brad and thank you Ecoforce!"

Marissa M.
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Are you dealing with a bed bug problem?

We can assist you if you need a specialist to eliminate bed bugs without exposing your family or visitors to hazardous chemicals.

Bed bug infestations vary from one house to the next. That is why we conduct an initial phone consultation. We'll provide you with the precise treatment for your home or company. EcoForce BedBug Services is a veteran-owned business with over 20 years of combined experience specializing in heat treatments for bed bugs. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to exterminate all pests, but we focus 100% of our attention on eradicating just one bug. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are skilled at what they do and strive for 100% success in a single treatment every time.

A close-up photograph of a bed bug

Trusted Warranty

With our no-questions-asked service warranty, it means that if you detect bed bugs after the initial service of our heat treatments, we will send a specialist to your property for free to address the problem.

We Resolve Your Bed Bug Problem

As experienced bed bug control specialists, you can rest assured that we are professionals in treating bed bugs. You will be free of bed bugs for good, so you and your family can sleep comfortably at night after treatment.

We Care

We understand there is an undeserved stigma around bed bugs (please know anyone can get bed bugs). With that in mind, we offer complete understanding when it comes to removing bed bugs in your property and make sure not to draw any attention to our van - it has no sign of bed bugs or pest control displayed on it.

Our Bed Bug Removal Process

We have the equipment and procedures to remove bed bugs from your property altogether in a single heat treatment!

Why should you use heat treatments for bed bug control?

Heat treatments are used to destroy bed bugs throughout the home, including beds, mattresses, sheets, box springs, wall voids, ceilings, and floor cracks. When combined with a personal treatment plan for your home, this method eliminates all of your bedbugs. Using this heat treatment process means you get a safe, discreet, effective treatment — without having to get rid of your furniture, clothes, or personal belongings.

Bed bugs, in particular, are becoming harder to control with EPA-approved chemicals. According to recent studies, only 6% of bed bug pesticide treatments thrive in a single application. On the other hand, heat is a natural and proven technique that destroys 100% of bed bugs and their eggs in one fell swoop. Temperatures of roughly 122°F–143°F for an hour will remove most pesticide-resistant pests that infest your property. We use non-toxic thermal treatment to raise the temperature of an infested space to suitable levels and then monitor those temperatures to ensure correct temperature and saturation levels.

Exterminating your bed bugs is our specialty, and we'll be there to assist you in the ever-changing war against these pests! Please get in touch with us right away to learn the best bed bug treatment for your specific situation.

A single bed bug up close

"It was terrifying when I found bedbugs in my home, I knew I needed it taken care of as quickly as possible before it got any worse. I immediately got on the phone with every pest control company I could find. When EcoForce came out to give me a free estimate they were very professional and honest. They didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need and their price was by far the most reasonable. I learned with heat there is no pesticide used and the entire problem was taken care of in one treatment. I would recommend them to anyone who is unlucky enough to get these nasty critters in their home."

Rae L.
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Bed Bug Control Service & Feature List

Full Structure Heat Treatments

A single treatment for Bed Bugs results in complete bed bug removal. The most efficient whole-house bed bug treatment available.

Residential Services

Join our growing list of pleased consumers. We've never left a single client unsatisfied — and we promise the same for you.

Commercial Services

We take great care of our customers' reputations. We provide fast quality service (same day), cheap pricing, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Bed Bug Inspection & Detection

Do you have a bed bug infestation? For analysis and solution, contact our team of specialists today.

Chemical Applications

Our highly trained technicians will apply state-approved materials to control and exterminate bed bugs if necessary.

Customizable Warranty

Extended warranties for added protection and peace of mind. The first-ever customizable bed bug warranty in Tennessee.

Bed Bug Identification

To figure out what kind of bug you're dealing with, use our Bed Bug ID to identify them, and then click on a bug to learn how to get rid of them:

"Had my room treated, and the whole process was overall extremely short and simple. Took the headache out of treating the room. Clear instructions given said exactly what to do with electronics and other items in the room. The representative on the phone was extremely kind and professional and told me everything I needed to know and answered all my questions I had. Broke down all my options and prices super simply. The heating technicians who actually treated the room put everything back the way it was, just like it was prior to the treatment, just without the bugs 😃 "

Andrew N.
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Are you in need of bed bug control in Nashville?

Please contact EcoForce Bed Bug Services today, and our team will resolve your bed bug infestation thoroughly.