Adult Bed Bug

Cimex Lectularius

An adult bed bug

Adult bed bugs can often be mistaken for ticks, cockroaches, carpet beetles or other household insects.

An adult female bed bug can lay  1 - 3 eggs per day and 200 - 500 eggs per her lifetime. However, this bug needs a male bed bug to reproduce.

How long does an Adult bed bug live? According to Virginia Tech University, “The most recent studies indicate that a well-fed adult bed bug held at room temperature (>70° F), will live between 99 and 300 days in the laboratory.”

Adult bed bugs, in general, are:

  • About the size of an apple seed (5 - 7 mm or 3/16 - 1/4 inch long)
  • Long and brown, with a flat, oval-shaped body (if not fed recently)
  • Balloon-like, reddish-brown, and more elongated (if fed recently)
  • A “true bug” (characteristics of true bugs include a beak with three segments; antenna that have four parts; wings that are not used for flying; and short, golden-colored hairs)
  • Distinct smell, with a “musty-sweetish” odor produced through glands on the lower side of the body
An adult bed bug up close

You have identified a bed bug!

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