Professional Bed Bug Extermination in Hendersonville, TN

Have you got bed bugs?

EcoForce BedBug Services specializes in removing bed bug infestations from residential and commercial properties in Hendersonville.

"EcoForce is very responsive and sensitive to their customer's needs. My home was overrun with bed bugs and they were able to eradicate them completely. After the service when I felt uneasy about the bugs being gone, they came out and did a thorough investigation. Not once, but twice. I highly recommend EcoForce; Ryan and his staff are very concerned about doing a good job and providing great customer service."

Marcia P.
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Bed bug infestation? Not on our watch.

If you think you have bed bugs on your property, it is important to resolve this as soon as possible so that the issue does not worsen.

At EcoForce BedBug Services, we provide effective bed bug heat treatment to remove bed bugs from your property thoroughly. Whether you suspect you have a couple of bed bugs or a full bed bug infestation, our expert team will conduct a thorough bed bug inspection and provide the best solution so you can have a bed-bug-free property once again. For reliable Hendersonville bed bug control, please look no further than EcoForce BedBug Services.

A close-up photograph of a bed bug

Our bed bug treatment is thoroughly effective

We utilize heat treatments to ensure that bed bugs and their eggs are completely removed from your property. This treatment does not use dangerous chemicals and is safe for your family.

An experienced bed bug exterminator

Our bed bug removal team has over twenty years of combined experience. Bed bugs are our specialty, so you can feel confident that we will provide you with an effective solution to your bed bug issue.

We stand behind our work

We provide a no-questions-asked service warranty which means that if you find bed bugs in your property after our heat treatment, we will send a technician out to resolve the matter at no cost.

Hendersonville Bed Bug Extermination

We will eradicate your bed bug infestation using our professional equipment combined with our effective bed bug heat treatments.

Why do we use heat treatments?

Our heat treatment for bed bugs will cover all areas where bed bugs live, not just isolated areas on your property. We provide a customized treatment plan for your home and combine it with our heat treatment to remove 100% of the bed bugs. Using heat treatments is a safe solution for your property and ensures you don't need to throw away any home furnishings or clothes.

As bed bugs are becoming more resistant to EPA-approved pesticides, heat is a scientifically proven and natural solution that will completely remove bed bugs in one fell swoop. Our thermal bed bug control is non-toxic and raises the temperature of an infected area to optimal levels (ranging from 122˚F to 143˚F ). We then monitor those temperatures constantly to ensure they remain at the proper level. Once the hour is done, all bed bugs and their eggs will be gone.

If you require a bed bug exterminator in Hendersonville, please get in touch with our team today!

Bed bug on a mattress

"We called last night after spotting a bedbug in our house, and Ryan came by this morning for a free consultation. He conducted an extremely thorough investigation, answered loads of questions, and left us feeling so much better. Fantastic company!"

Matt M.
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Hendersonville Bed Bug Removal Services

Complete Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Our bed bug treatment is 100% effective and guaranteed. We deal with bed bug infestations in one treatment.

Residential Bed Bug Services

We provide complete bed bug removal from your home. We understand there is an undeserved stigma surrounding bed bugs. We are discreet and will not pull up to your property in a branded bed bug or pest control truck.

Commercial Bed Bug Exterminator

If you find bed bugs in your commercial property, EcoForce BedBug Services will come out fast to provide an inspection and initiate an effective solution to remove them completely.

Bed Bug Inspection and Detection

If you are still determining if you have a bed bug problem, our experienced technicians will come out to thoroughly assess your property to determine the issue.

Chemical Applications

If necessary, we are trained to apply state-approved chemical applications to remove bed bugs.

A Warranty Custom to You

We provide warranty options to suit your needs for added protection and overall peace of mind.

Bed Bug Identification

Do you need help determining what bug is causing havoc on your property? Check out our bed bug identification to help determine the source of your infestation. Once you know what you're dealing with, click on the respective link for help on how to get rid of them. If you believe you have bed bugs, please contact us today so we can help resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

"EcoForce was cooperative, knowledgeable, accommodating (with everything you could ask for) and prompt. They strive to protect your house and complete everything they do quickly and accurately."

Marion D.
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