Spider Beetle

Scientific Name: Ptininae

A close up of a Spider Beetle

Spider Beetles are small with long legs and large, rounded bodies. They have  gotten the bad rap of being mistaken for Bed Bugs. There are several varieties of spider beetles: the American spider beetle, the white marked spider beetle, and the smooth spider beetle. These beetles are not as common as others, but if you have them, they’ll most likely be found in any places you store food.

Spider beetles mainly consume grains. Common food sources include almonds, animal skin, beans, books, cereals, chocolate powders, corn meal, dates, dead insects, dried fruits, mushrooms, dried soups, excrement, feathers, figs, fish meal, flour, ginger, hair, leather, corn, nutmeg, older woods, paprika, rye and rye bread, seeds, silk, textile fabrics, wheat, and wool.

Spider beetles do not bite humans, but they will attack many things in your house. These scavengers will eat anything from dried food products and wool to hair and animal droppings. Food contamination is the biggest worry with these pests.

To Exterminate these pests get rid of any old or expired food that may attract them in the first place. Try to keep any new foods in air-tight containers to prevent any further contamination. General pest control methods and sticky traps are recommended for extermination.

A close-up of a dark red Spider Beetle

You have identified a bed bug!

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