Scientific Name: Ixodes scapularis

A red and black Tick up close

Bed bugs and hard ticks have a few similarities, but very few.

They both are flat, wingless, bite people and feed on blood.  There are two types of ticks: hard ticks and soft ticks. Most people have seen hard ticks attached to their dogs, cats, children, or themselves. Soft ticks have more of an oval shape (but are still flat) and, unlike hard ticks, tend to reside in a nest near their preferred host (typically a mammal or bird) and feed when the nest is disturbed. Feeding is brief and painless, and they tend to feed at night just like bed bugs.

Ticks are vastly different from bed bugs. You will most often encounter them outside in the grass or other areas close to the ground. Unlike bed bugs, which do not transmit any serious human diseases, ticks transmit some serious human diseases including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease.

General pest control methods including interior and exterior spray is recommended for ticks.

A portrait close-up of a red and black Tick

You have identified a bed bug!

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